Galveston Yacht Marina Marina Wet Slip Rental Rates

Dock LocationSlip SizesCovered DockStandard Rate
A Dock50 X 18X $825
B 1-235 X 16X $550
B 3-3935 X 13X $450
B 40-8935 X 13 X $435
B 90-11635 X 13X $415
B T-head 117variouscontact us for rates
B t-head 118variouscontact us for rates
C 1-235 X 16X $550
C 3-3935 X 13X $450
C 40-8935 X 13X $435
C 90-11635 X 13X $415
C T-head 117variouscontact us for rates
C T-head 118variouscontact us for rates
D 1-250 X 23X $890
D 3-3150 X 18X $635
D 32-6350 X 18X $615
D 64-9250 X 18X $595
D T-head 93variouscontact us for rates
D T-head 94variouscontact us for rates
E 1-250 X 20 $890
E 3-750 X 18 $635
E 8-1550 X 18 $550
E 16-3050 X 18 $550
E 31-4650 X 18 $500
Floating Docksvarious $440

The Risk is Real.
So is the Solution.

In an ongoing effort to provide the very best boating services and support anywhere on the Gulf Coast, GYM now offers emergency inland storage.

The powerful winds, storm surges, and turbulence of hurricanes can wreak havoc on boats of all sizes. Vessels moored in marinas or coastal areas are particularly exposed, facing the triple threat of wind-driven debris, intense surf, and storm surges that can submerge or capsize boats and entire docks.

Adequate preparedness, evacuation plans, and constant monitoring of weather conditions are essential components of mitigating these risks and safeguarding the maritime community against the destructive impact of hurricanes. But inland storage is by far the preferred option for boat owners.


Located on FM 646, off of Highway-6 in Santa Fe, Texas, our new boat storage facility has over 150 slots of safe, secure parking only 20 miles from the marina.

To secure your spot in Galveston Yacht Marina’s new inland Hurricane Storage Lot, please contact us NOW using the form below – while the skies are clear!!!

BONUS: Each space comes with an annual boat ramp pass for Galveston Yacht Marina!

Kelli Nettles
409-765-3000, press 1

Over 150 Slots for Boats up to 60′

Galveston Yacht Marina Hurricane Storage Lot

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